A Rare Opportunity: You can Make the Difference

Your time is valuable and the holidays are busy, so let us get straight to the point: your neighborhood and the Coalition have an opportunity to strike a decisive legal blow in defense of our communities. And we need your support, now.

In an unprecedented move, Dominion Power’s regulator – the SCC – has responded to arguments from the Coalition and our allies showing that Dominion never proved the need for this powerline. The SCC commissioners kicked Dominion’s case back to the hearing examiner and said, “Do over!” Access their decision: SCC Remand Order.

As far as we know, this has never happened before in a transmission line case. Now the Coalition gets one more shot to bolster our own arguments.

This is a remarkable opportunity. But it will require legal and other expert resources.

Our community has rallied again, and again. Individual neighborhoods participated when residents felt under direct threat. The Coalition has always stood for ALL neighborhoods – refusing to see ANY residents forced to pay for a private extension cord hung over our homes and heads. It’s time for ALL to join in again.

We’ve always known this would be a long fight. At our very first town hall meeting, Coalition supporter Mickey Stern told Dominion “We will fight you at every turn, we don’t have one magic bullet to stop you, but we promise you, we will make this the most expensive power line fight you have ever experienced.” His prediction may have come true (https://youtu.be/mn9CDs49VNc?t=1m52s).

And we need financial support, now more than ever. We are battling – literally – the wealthiest man in the world and the wealthiest public utility in the state of Virginia. Our resolve is limitless – our resources are not.

Specifically, we need to fund our legal and expert team to prepare for our Coalition response due on January 26, and new hearings in Richmond starting on February 8th. We’ll be outspent 10 or 100 to one, and that’s fine. We can’t be outspent 10 or 100 to ZERO.

We need you to give $25, $50 – whatever you can give, it all adds up. We have come this far, against all odds, and we must and will fight for this community to the very end. Make your donation now: Donate

Thank you in advance for your support.

PS. Don’t ever doubt a committed community can stand against Dominion. Just last week a citizens group helped stop the placement of an overhead transmission route across the Rappahannock! SCC orders Rappahannock line underwater.  We can and will do the same here in Prince William County – with your support.

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