The Coalition is an all-volunteer 501(c)(4) corporation with no paid management. Our budget and spending decisions are overseen by a team of volunteers that includes CPA, MBA, executive, legal, marketing and grassroots experience.  Because we are tax-exempt, all donated funds are dedicated to expenses (details below).

Our success requires the agility to move quickly, with funds and professionals on hand.

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We face a threat that is larger and more insidious than most of us realized when we began this fight in 2014.  We – ALL OF US – remain at risk.

Your support will enable us to put forth the strongest defense yet to ensure that our town of Haymarket and Western Prince William County avoid becoming a data center dumping ground, dotted by power substations, with communities crisscrossed by multiple high voltage transmission lines.

Here is the current situation:

What is the Risk:

To power three proposed Amazon Web Services data centers in Haymarket, Dominion Virginia Power has filed an application with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to build an electric substation fed by high-voltage transmission lines running through local neighborhoods and natural space.  This “Amazon Extension Cord” requires outright seizure of property, confiscation of rights of way, and invasive construction.

Who is at Risk:

Many people assume – with good intentions, but incorrectly – that the battle is a narrow fight over a specific route.  Some think that this is not their fight. Sadly, we ALL are at risk. If and when they are installed, high-voltage transmission lines reduce nearby property values, destroy habitat and history, and erode the natural beauty of our rural areas.  All residents of western Prince William County are at risk, including those on Dominion Virginia Power’s active route list (Carver Road, Madison, Railroad, I-66 Overhead, I-66 Hybrid), as well as those on previously considered routes (New Road, Northern, Western).  In the current application, Dominion has provided the SCC with information for all 8 route alternatives.   The SCC’s final route choice could be anywhere in the Haymarket/Gainesville area. 

And it cannot be said enough, the current route debate is just the beginning:  Amazon is planning not one, but three new data centersAnd Dominion will seek additional transmission north or south routes into a Haymarket substation, at some point in the future to further expand their network grid.

What does all of this mean to You:

You are part of a unified and diverse group of political and community allies fighting for one cause.  To discourage Amazon and Dominion in every way possible, we are asking everyone to insist that Amazon pay for the I-66 Hybrid underground route.  It’s Amazon’s need – the “Customer” need is called out 80 different times in the application.  The cost should be Amazon’s responsibility.

How can You fight this:

We have to fight with more brains because we are smaller, with more passion because we are right, and with more intensity because it’s our community.  To make this happen, we’ve got to get our voice heard.  The Coalition will continue to advocate only for the I-66 Hybrid Route, which traverses along I-66 and is partially buried – and with a provision to compel Amazon to pay for burying the line.

The critical time is now for everyone to defend their community’s property values and quality of life.  The stark reality is – you can fight now – or you will be fighting later!

Now is the time for you to invest in protecting your home and family by making sure that the Coalition has the funding needed for our legal team.

PLEASE help to protect your household and your community by making a donation TODAY.

Funds are spent on:  Legal representation.

No-cost volunteer activities consist of:  Maintaining website, writing website content and blast emails; research and documentation; meetings with county supervisors, planning staff and other agencies, HOAs, community leadership, coordinating and handling email, phone, and personal meetings with attorneys to determine most effective legal arguments and strategy; responding to citizen questions and requests.

We can’t guarantee any outcome, but if we do nothing, we know Dominion and Amazon will run roughshod over this community.   We need YOUR help with funding to keep the effort going.