Take Action!

Here is a list of specific actions you can do.

  • Sign The Petition!  Feel free to personalize your message as well.
  • Donate and place signs near the road –   Send email to signs@protectpwc.org for signs. Please note you should not place these signs on VDOT Right Of Way on any state road – this could lead to a $100 fine !
  • Print out flyers that you can distribute (but please don’t put inside mailboxes). Get the file here: powerline-flyer.
  • Send a personal letter to Dominion (Dominion_blank_letter_to)
  • E-mail Dominion Power:

    If you CC us at copy@protectpwc.org, they will know you have an organization behind you.  Copying us also gives us the opportunity to ask if we can use your letter in presentations to Dominion, our county and state representatives, and the powerful SCC.

  • Interested in joining one of our working groups? Send an email to contact@protectpwc.org for more information.
  • To see how else you can help, send an email to volunteer@protectpwc.org

4 Replies to “Take Action!”

  1. We have hosted many gatherings on our lovely property in Rose Hill Estates. Power line towers will not only lower our property values and introduce actual or perceived health risks – they will adversely impact the quality of life and beautiful vistas that drew us here and wow all that come to our home in the Rural Crescent.

    We feel that there are many more than the homeowners directly impacted that will be concerned about the route through our community that Dominion Power is considering – if they are made aware. We have today emailed all of our thousands of family and friends, here in Virginia as well as around the country. They have experienced our little valley in Virginia, and we know they also don’t want to lose this beauty and way of life. We’ve asked them to visit this website, sign the petitions, and contact Dominion Power, the SCC, and our elected officials to oppose this calamity and recommend the Hybrid alternative route.

    We ask that all of you do the same.

    Karen and Tom Sheehan – Rose Hill Estates

  2. We moved to the rural cresent area of PWC in the early 90’s to avoid surburban sprawl and over development and to live “in the country”. The “New Road” route of the power lines goes against everything the rural cresent was created for. We completely agree with everything stated below. STOP THE NEW ROAD ROUTE OF THE POWER LINES!!!

    Dear Delegate Ramadan –

    I am writing to you as a local business owner and homeowner, living at YOUR ADDRESS HERE. Our community and the surrounding constituents are organizing a significant and sustained effort to resist any proposal that would consider the construction of above-ground power lines and towers in Western Prince William County and the Rural Crescent. We will oppose on all valid grounds, including the existence of better alternatives, the lack of public comment on the options under consideration, the adverse economic impact, the violation of zoning ordinances and prior zoning agreements, the contradiction of Rural Crescent and other green space management policies, the violation of Chesapeake Bay Watershed mandates, erroneous cost analyses, and other grounds.

    In particular, I am writing to ask for your help to stop Dominion Power from putting above ground high voltage power lines and towers in western Prince William County as part of their “Gainesville to Haymarket 230KV transmission line and substation project.

    Specifically, the “New Road Alternative” proposed route for these power lines is particularly troubling and the most egregious and inappropriate of all alternatives under consideration. This route would extend for 12 miles bordering many neighborhoods (Antioch, Thunder Oak, Dominion Valley, Waterfall, Evergreen, Bull Run Estates), historical sites (La Grange, Mount Atlas) and the Boy Scouts of America’s Camp Snyder. It would have massive negative economic impact on the homeowners and businesses along the proposed route, including La Grange winery, Evergreen Country Club, Thunder Oak, the Boy Scouts of America property at Camp Snyder, the County’s Silver Lake Park, and many others.

    The “New Road Alternative” is almost comically inappropriate. It is nearly twice as long as all other options under consideration; it ignores existing public easements along the desired route in favor of construction through pristine private property; it proposes construction through the heart of the Rural Crescent immediately adjacent to businesses specifically targeted and fostered for protection by the Commonwealth (La Grange Winery, Evergreen Country Club); it blights park land newly acquired and developed by Prince William County as “the gem of Western Prince William” (Silver Lake Park); and it blatantly disregards the interests of community members such as the Boy Scouts of America and the many homeowners with high-value properties along Antioch Road, John Marshall Highway, Mountain Road and others. The beautiful landscape, pastoral roads and serenity of this area will be permanently scarred. There are health, environmental and property concerns. There are violations of zoning ordinances and Master Plan mandates. The list goes on and on, and we and our many neighbors along the proposed route will oppose on each and every material basis.

    I appreciate your help and ask that you please oppose the above ground high voltage power lines and towers in western Prince William County. There are better alternatives available that utilize existing public easements along Route 66, require a much smaller area of disturbance, create no negative economic, health or environmental effects, and will not cost significantly more than the New Road alternative. Only a solution that buries most of the power lines should be considered.

    Thank you for your time and considering my request.

    Sincerely –
    Mark Jerussi

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