Take Action!

Here is a list of specific actions you can do.

  • Sign The Petition!  Feel free to personalize your message as well.
  • Donate and place signs near the road –   Send email to signs@protectpwc.org for signs. Please note you should not place these signs on VDOT Right Of Way on any state road – this could lead to a $100 fine !
  • Print out flyers that you can distribute (but please don’t put inside mailboxes). Get the file here: powerline-flyer.
  • Send a personal letter to Dominion (Dominion_blank_letter_to)
  • E-mail Dominion Power:

    If you CC us at copy@protectpwc.org, they will know you have an organization behind you.  Copying us also gives us the opportunity to ask if we can use your letter in presentations to Dominion, our county and state representatives, and the powerful SCC.

  • Interested in joining one of our working groups? Send an email to contact@protectpwc.org for more information.
  • To see how else you can help, send an email to volunteer@protectpwc.org