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“I strongly oppose Dominion Power’s proposed aboveground high voltage power line in Prince William County that will supply the proposed substation west of Haymarket.  Dominion Power officially calls it the “Gainesville to Haymarket 230kv transmission line and substation project” but alternatives now cross the western part of PWC from north to south and from Gainesville west.  We expect that you will help us prevent this from becoming a permanent blight on Prince William county.  Only a solution that buries the power line when near homes, farms, children’s camps, cemeteries … should be considered.”

Fight Dominion Power's proposed above ground high voltage power line in PWC


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The current powerline and substation threat to Haymarket and Western Prince William County will potentially impact 10,000s of acres and 1000s of homes.  In addition to the obvious loss of natural beauty, some owners may see significant and permanent loss of property value.  Some of the pastoral roads we now travel will be lined with tall aluminum towers with trees removed.


13 Replies to “Sign The Petition!”

  1. I have just learned that Dominion Power is planning on building power lines in my community. My husband and I moved to this community just over one year ago. We moved from Springfield, VA, hoping to get away from the signs of modern day society and come to a more rural area. We are deeply disappointed to learn large companies such as Amazon and Dominion Power would move in to our quiet community like the Goliath’s they have become. It may cause us and many other folks to want to move simply because we fear for our health from all of the radiation coming from these lines, let alone the destruction of the tranquillity we have here.

  2. We were so upset to hear this information . We moved here to come out to the country. As well as wanting to buy and live in our dream home. This is not right to infringe this on us when all of us have invested a lot of money in our homes. Plus all the bad health issues to go along with these type of power lines. This is why I am signing the petition and will continue to fight against this

  3. No to Dominion Power and Amazon in my neighborhood…
    We have already seen a lot of changes in 4 years…we want to keep our beautiful woods, streams, mountains… I see that a real big majority is opposed, so, I should not be worried. or ? Should I ?

    1. You should definitely be worried. The fact that large crowds came to the Town Hall does not mean this issue is going away. So, stay informed, get involved, and perhaps most important, donate so that the Coalition has the resources it needs to fight for the Rural Crescent and the greater Haymarket community.

  4. I am so deathly sick of big conglomerates just doing what they want despite the welfare of thousands of tax-paying citizens. We deserve to live in our communities unencumbered by their greed.

  5. Here is another example of a special interest group taking advantage of the senior citizen and this time they want to take away our quality of life. We worked hard to get what we have, paid our taxes and contribute to the community with our time and money. Why doesn’t Amazon put their facility in an industrial park that can handle their needs and not in the midst of a small town?

  6. Folks, the Leesburg area received similar towers a few years ago. Nobody noticed and nobody currently cares. This is much ado about a handful of folks’ anger management issues. You’ll be fine.

    1. Hi Darren,
      Thanks for sharing your alternate opinion. I appreciate hearing different points of view as it allows for better understanding.

      I imagine if your property was threatened with eminent domain, you may feel differently. I wonder if your investment in your home were to decrease by 20 percent you may feel differently.

      If you saved all your money, either invested in your retirement home, or the property of your dreams, and then, suddenly, found that you could lose that to supply power for one private business, I imagine you might feel differently.

      Everyone along each route has their own personal story. I wonder if maybe before you deign to presume who our personal losses have no value, you may want to understand the facts better.

  7. These power towers will tear a scar thru the Rural Crescent. Current and future property values will suffer as will county tax collections the additional costs to bury the power lines will be small costs based on the many years to write off these costs.

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