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“I strongly oppose Dominion Power’s proposed aboveground high voltage power line in Prince William County that will supply the proposed substation west of Haymarket.  Dominion Power officially calls it the “Gainesville to Haymarket 230kv transmission line and substation project” but alternatives now cross the western part of PWC from north to south and from Gainesville west.  We expect that you will help us prevent this from becoming a permanent blight on Prince William county.  Only a solution that buries the power line when near homes, farms, children’s camps, cemeteries … should be considered.”

Fight Dominion Power's proposed above ground high voltage power line in PWC

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The current powerline and substation threat to Haymarket and Western Prince William County will potentially impact 10,000s of acres and 1000s of homes.  In addition to the obvious loss of natural beauty, some owners may see significant and permanent loss of property value.  Some of the pastoral roads we now travel will be lined with tall aluminum towers with trees removed.