Many people assume – with good intentions, but incorrectly – that the battle is now a narrow fight over a specific I-66 route. Some think that this is not their fight. All residents of western Prince William County are at risk, those on Dominion Virginia Power’s active route list (Carver Road, Madison, Railroad, I-66 Overhead, I-66 Hybrid), as well as those on previously considered routes (New Road, Northern, Western). In the current application, Dominion has provided the State Corporation Commission(SCC) with information for all 8 route alternatives. While Dominion has proposed the I-66 Overhead route in the application, the SCC’s final route choice can be any of the 8 alternatives presented, or a totally different route.

In this map the Coalition reflects all route alternatives from the Haymarket transmission and substation project.  The RED line is Dominion’s proposed I-66 Overhead route alternative to the SCC, and all other alternatives from the application are reflected in BLACK.


Dominion Virginia Power Maps

Current Maps


Older Map Versions

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  1. Bury the lines or get out of town. our health and the beauty of our entire area are at stake here. Would the CEO of Amazon and DOMINION like to buy my home once these power lines are in my back yard.

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