Many people assume – with good intentions, but incorrectly – that the battle is now a narrow fight over a specific I-66 route. Some think that this is not their fight. All residents of western Prince William County are at risk, those on Dominion Virginia Power’s active route list (Carver Road, Madison, Railroad, I-66 Overhead, I-66 Hybrid), as well as those on previously considered routes (New Road, Northern, Western). In the current application, Dominion has provided the State Corporation Commission(SCC) with information for all 8 route alternatives. While Dominion has proposed the I-66 Overhead route in the application, the SCC’s final route choice can be any of the 8 alternatives presented, or a totally different route.

In this map the Coalition reflects all route alternatives from the Haymarket transmission and substation project.  The RED line is Dominion’s proposed I-66 Overhead route alternative to the SCC, and all other alternatives from the application are reflected in BLACK.


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