Bob Marshall’s Power Line Legislation Update

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your support of my legislation to require Dominion and the State Corporation Commission to use the I-66 Hybrid alternative that they have proposed to underground the proposed Haymarket Transmission line.

I wanted to let you know that unfortunately my HB 2356, the primary vehicle to help the citizens of Haymarket, was killed in subcommittee on Tuesday evening.

While I am disappointed that there were not enough committee members who believe that protecting our citizens is their main job, we will press on.  Delegate Tim Hugo serves on the Commerce & Labor Committee and fought hard for the passage of this bill during the committee meeting.  Please let him know how much you appreciate his support by contact him at

In the next few months there will be hearings with Dominion Power in our community as well as the State Corporation Commission to select the route for this line and I hope that you will continue to be committed to working with me and your community to push for the underground hybrid line.

The decision will ultimately be made by the State Corporation Commission, but to ensure that our Haymarket/Gainesville community is not harmed, it is important that Dominion put forward the hybrid line as their “preferred option.”

Therefore, I encourage you to continue to email Dominion in support of placing underground that portion of the proposed power line from Rt. 15 to approximately where Rt.29 crosses I-66 at

Please keep in contact with me so that we can give you information about who to contact at the SCC after Dominion submits their application, and when any public meetings will be held.

I am also working with Prince William County, VDOT, ProtectPWC, the Town of Haymarket and local businesses and residents to see what other avenues we might take to press for the Hybrid Alternative.  I will keep you informed as we work through the process.
Thank you again for your support and all your hard work.

Do not lose heart just because we lost this first skirmish. Several years ago, I undertook a lawsuit against the Governor, the Attorney General and the Speaker of the House of Delegates to challenge a law they supported establishing unelected taxing authorities in Northern Virginia.  I had to raise $100,000 for attorneys.  I was the only currently elected state elected official to do so.  I initially lost in the circuit court in Arlington, but I later won 7-0 in the Supreme Court of Virginia.

What I am saying is that this controversy over the power line is not a one inning fight.  We need to pursue every venue we can find as well as creating some as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Delegate Bob Marshall
13th District Delegate

PS  I sent a letter to the Commerce & Labor Committee members Thursday regarding the power line project.


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