About The Coalition to Protect PWC

The Coalition to Protect Prince William County is a grassroots movement formed in response to Dominion Power’s proposal to erect 100-plus-foot-tall transmission towers for a single customer — Amazon.com, which is building a data center campus outside the town of Haymarket.

HOAs, neighborhoods, local businesses, churches, charities, groups and individuals have brought their support together to form this Coalition in order to protect the culture, history and environment of western Prince William County from these power lines.  The better alternative is to partially bury the transmission line along the Interstate 66 right-of-way – if the need is proven.  On January 12, 2015, Coalition supporters, citizens throughout the Haymarket/Gainesville area, attended a town hall sponsored by Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, where they shared concerns, and personal stories with county and state officials. Over 1,000 attended.

“Above-ground power towers would permanently damage businesses, hurt homeowners and blemish the rural communities they traverse,” said Coalition Executive Director Elena Schlossberg.  “With this Coalition, the entire Haymarket/Gainesville community has come together to say ‘We will not be divided by unacceptable transmission line routes that we do not need. We stand united.’”

Listed below are just some of the Coalition supporters.  These, as well as hundreds of  citizens from additional communities, are fighting to protect our districts and neighborhoods from Dominion’s proposed power towers.

Alexandra’s Keep Homeowners Assn

Antioch Baptist Church

Autumn Oaks Homeowners Association

Brookside Homeowners Assn

Bull Run Mountain Civic Assn

Carver Road

Creighton Enterprises

Dominion Valley Owners Association

Dragon Ridge Photography

Edge Hill Homeowners Association

Enfield Farm Homeowners Association

Evergreen Country Club

Evergreen Estates

Evergreen Farms Property Owners Association

Greenhill Crossing

Haymarket Baptist Church

Haymarket Evergreen Center

Haymarket Regional Food Pantry

Haymarket Station

Heritage Hunt Homeowners Association

Hopewell’s Landing

Longstreet Commons Homeowners Assn

Middleburg Orange County Pony Club

Mountain Crest Estates Homeowners Assn

Parks of Piedmont

Piedmont Church of Christ

Piedmont Homeowners Association

Prince William Conservation Alliance

Prince William/Fairfax County Farm Bureau of Virginia

Quilters Unlimited/Haymarket Chapter

Rainbow Riding Therapeutic Center

Regency Homeowners Association

Rose Hill Estates Owners Association

Serve Our Willing Warriors

Shane’s Signs

Shelter Lakes Homeowners Association

Sherwood Forest Homeowners Assn

Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Regency Homeowners Association

The Winery at La Grange

Thoroughfare community

Thunder Oak Homeowners Association


Villages of Piedmont

Villages of Haymarket

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