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Vote YES on HB 556

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End date: Feb 06, 2018

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One Reply to “Send Email: Vote YES on HB 556”

  1. Vote YES on HB 556. As a Haymarket home owner for over 12 years I do not want to see my primary investment (my home) value crash as a result of ugly above-ground power lines. As a parent of 2 children, I do not want to see the resulting drop in home values causes a drop in property tax revenue resulting in a decline in funding for local schools, thus damaging my childern’s education. As a Dominion Power electrical rate payer, I do not want to see my monthly electric bills go up to pay for Amazon’s power lines — we, the people, get the bill while Amazon gets the profit? We are effectively subsidizing Amazon’s growth, expansion, and profit while we get no benefit. It’s lose-lose for us. No way!! IF the Need is proven… Not on my property, not on my neighbor’s’ property, I-66 and buried … and Amazon pays!!

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