TAKE ACTION: Email support for Del. Hugo’s bill undergrounding Haymarket transmission line

Our hard work continues to pay off!  However, while our fight may be the LONGEST transmission line fight in history and our “re-hearing on need” is virtually unprecedented, our work is not done. Your help is needed now to get this click-to-send email out – see details below.

IF Need is proven at the new evidentiary hearing date in April, we must ensure that the only solution is the route buried along I-66.  Delegate Tim Hugo has introduced legislation, HB1202, which if passed by the legislature, would force the Hybrid solution for Amazon’s extension cord in the Haymarket case.  Del. Hugo is determined to follow through on a commitment he made to this community to get this transmission line buried.  He needs your help now.

Please personalize and send this easy click-to-send email to the House Subcommittee on Commerce and Labor by Monday night, January 29. 

Making sure that this bill is passed by the House Subcommittee is just the first critical step to ensuring a legislative fix.  HB 1202 is on their agenda for Tuesday, January 30.  Your email needs to help fill delegate’s inboxes before their vote, calling out your support for HB 1202.

Please also stay tuned.  If we are successful with this vote, we will need to stay vigilant and active through the General Assembly process, which doesn’t end until March 11th.

See all the latest updates on the Coalition website:  www.protectpwc.org

2 Replies to “TAKE ACTION: Email support for Del. Hugo’s bill undergrounding Haymarket transmission line”

  1. What Dominion Power and our County is trying to do to our Community is unconscionable, if Amazon needs more Power Supply they need to pay for the Station to be build under Ground. We bought our Homes in good Faith. We expect the peaceful and small Town atmosphere to remain as we were told when we purchased our Homes there were no Major changes to our Infrastructure planed. Dominion Power attempted year ago to merge with Novec, it was rejected, what is happening NOW I believe was their ultimate Goal then and was already being planed.

  2. Please do the right thing and hold Dominion Power accountable for it’s horrendous scheme on PWC by passing HB1202.

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