They Listened – and We Need to Do More

We spoke at the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor in support of Senator Chap Petersen’s SB 13.

This “Intervenor” bill would put in place a process whereby grass-roots and other groups could apply to the state to be reimbursed for costs incurred from being a participant in a utility proceeding.  While Petersen’s bill failed to be passed by the Committee, our participation definitely made a difference.  The senators listened to our input, and rather than failing with an overwhelming majority (like the previous legislation we have supported), six senators voted in favor of passing the bill to come out of committee.  Supporting the bill:  Saslaw, Stuart, Stanley, Dance, Black, Spruill.   Voting to kill the bill:  Wagner, Norment, Newman, Obenshain, Cosgrove, Chafin, McDougle, Sturtevant.

While it is disappointing that this round did not permit Senator Petersen’s SB 13 to see the light of day, the good news is that Delegate Danica Roem has a slightly modified but matching Intervenor bill, HB 556, which will be considered by the House Committee for Commerce and Labor.  So we have another shot to influence this beneficial legislation being passed.  (Check out all the proposed legislation affecting our case:

Delegate Tim Hugo’s HB 1202 to establish a pilot program approving underground construction of two electric transmission lines, one of which would be the Haymarket transmission line, will be coming up for review, and we will be supporting this bill as well.

So your constituent involvement is needed:

  • Reach out now and Thank the Senators who voted in support of Senator Petersen’s SB 13:  Saslaw, Stuart, Stanley, Dance, Black, Spruill  (Your personal note will make a difference – access their contact info here:
  • Act on emails the Coalition will be providing to communicate your support of other bills in this legislative session:  HB 1202, HB 556, and probably more.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy for the Coalition, and for all of us in the Haymarket/Gainesville community, if we are to cover all the bases on the Haymarket transmission line case.  We will continue to send you emails on all developments which will need your timely attention and support:

  • Emails to our Legislators to support appropriate bills in this General Assembly
  • Show up in Richmond at the Committees or the General Assembly to demonstrate our constituent and Dominion rate-payer support of legislation that will help our cause
  • Emails to our Board of Supervisors that we need their continuing support for Coalition efforts
  • Show up in Richmond to give your own personal story at the February 8 Public Hearing at the SCC

Now is the time that Dominion, our state and local elected officials, and the SCC must see and experience that we are a powerful force.  We must continuously communicate and demonstrate that we are still very much united across all communities to ensure, if a need is established for a transmission line in Haymarket, that it is only fair and entirely feasible for it to be partially undergrounded along I-66.

Please act on the alerts we send you.

Make a Donation to the Coalition  It takes money to keep this fight going.

Check into the Coalition website on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on all the latest coverage

We know you want to be kept informed and help our efforts to be successful.