Richmond Times-Dispatch: Dominion Rules

Published October 13, 2017

By Robert Zullo, Michael Martz, Patrick Wilson, and Graham Moomaw

Richmond Times-Dispatch – Special Report – Dominion

How the Richmond-based utility company became one of the most influential political forces in Virginia


During the past two decades, Dominion Energy has emerged as one of the most influential political forces in Virginia.

Last month, in a decision that could allow the Richmond-based monopoly to reap an estimated $1 billion windfall, the Virginia Supreme Court confirmed that the General Assembly can constitutionally freeze electric rates.

This series explores the utility’s transformation and political power – and what that means for the company’s 2.5 million customers.

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Reporters Michael Martz and Robert Zullo discuss their series of stories about Dominion Energy. They trace the company’s rise from its creation by Virginia Power in the early ’80s to its growth into one of the most powerful forces in Virginia politics. DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST