Send your own email: Time for Jeff Bezos to hear our collective voices: Don’t destroy our homes, Don’t be a Greenwash hypocrite

Dear Community –

If you are not already aware, the SCC final order has been issued ruling the transmission line for the Amazon extension cord is the Carver Rd. route.

We have contended all along that Amazon was culpable in this battle to protect our homes, small businesses, environmental and historical assets.

While Jeff Bezos has been the recipient of one prior email from our community, we believe now is the time for him to hear our voices again.  But for Amazon’s decision to locate to an area with no infrastructure, power, or water, we would not be fighting over the last 4 years to protect our American dream.

The Coalition has sent a formal letter to Jeff Bezos.  We believe everyone should have an opportunity to let Mr. Bezos know how this project has impacted their lives and their community.  Use this easy click-to-send email to share your feelings about his project.  Of course, personalize the message with your own words which are always more powerful.