REMINDER: Email Your Senators TODAY!

If you haven’t already done it, your click-to-send email to State Senators needs to go out!

Senator Stanley, together with Delegate Habeeb, are trying to rob our local governments from having a say in decisions on local infrastructure – such as substations.  Delegate Habeeb’s HB 1766 has already passed in the House.  Senator Stanley’s SB 1110 goes before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee TODAY!  If it  does pass today in Committee, then all Senators will vote on it – probably also this week.  But we want to stop it today if possible.  See our press release below for more details.

We have it from trusted and experienced sources that “someone” is really trying to fast track this legislation.  And from this same source, that we should focus on the Senate, since there are fewer Senators to sway and greater likelihood that this legislation to help power utilities (ie APCO, and Dominion Power) can be stopped in the Senate committee or in the full Senate.  Your email can make them understand that this legislation affects ALL districts – including theirs.

By sending this click-to-send email you will be communicating that all citizens of the state (including their own constituents) expect their Senators to protect them and the authority of their local governments by stopping this legislation.

Please send your email NOW!  We only need 8 Senators to VOTE NO today to kill SB 1110 in Committee!  This is our chance to stop it now!

If the server doesn’t respond when sending your click-to-send email, try again later.  In the meantime, you can also make their phones ring off the hook – use the list below.

Senate Member Name Capital Phone
Barker, George L. (804) 698-7539
Black, Richard H. (804) 698-7513
Carrico, Charles W., Sr. (804) 698-7540
Chafin, A. Benton , Jr. (804) 698-7538
Chase, Amanda F. (804) 698-7511
Cosgrove, John A. , Jr. (804) 698-7514
Dance, Rosalyn R. (804) 698-7516
Deeds, R. Creigh (804) 698-7508
DeSteph, William R. , Jr. (804) 698-7525
Dunnavant, Siobhan S. (804) 698-7512
Ebbin, Adam P. (804) 698-7530
Edwards, John S. (804) 698-7521
Favola, Barbara A. (804) 698-7531
Hanger, Emmett W., Jr. (804) 698-7524
Howell, Janet D. (804) 698-7532
Lewis, Lynwood W. , Jr. (804) 698-7506
Locke, Mamie E. (804) 698-7502
Lucas, L. Louise (804) 698-7518
Marsden, David W. (804) 698-7537
Mason, T. Montgomery “Monty” (804) 698-7501
McClellan, Jennifer L. (804) 698-7509
McDougle, Ryan T. (804) 698-7504
McPike, Jeremy S. (804) 698-7529
Newman, Stephen D. (804) 698-7523
Norment, Thomas K., Jr. (804) 698-7503
Obenshain, Mark D. (804) 698-7526
Peake, Mark J. (804) 698-7522
Petersen, J. Chapman (804) 698-7534
Reeves, Bryce E. (804) 698-7517
Ruff, Frank M., Jr. (804) 698-7515
Saslaw, Richard L. (804) 698-7535
Spruill, Lionell , Sr. (804) 698-7505
Stanley, William M., Jr. (804) 698-7520
Stuart, Richard H. (804) 698-7528
Sturtevant, Glen H. , Jr. (804) 698-7510
Suetterlein, David R. (804) 698-7519
Surovell, Scott A. (804) 698-7536
Vogel, Jill Holtzman (804) 698-7527
Wagner, Frank W. (804) 698-7507
Wexton, Jennifer T. (804) 698-7533