ACTION REQUIRED: Va. Senate Must Vote NO!

Senator Stanley’s SB 1110 and Delegate Habeeb’s HB 1766 come before the Senate for the Senators’ review and votes next week, starting on Monday January 30.

ALL state Senators need to hear from us why they must stop and kill these bills.  Momentum is building throughout the state against the bills and our emails will help to pile on (see all the recently posted articles on our website). We’ve provided an easy click-to-send email for you.

As a reminder:  SB 1110 and HB 1766 attempt to quietly strip authority from local Boards of Supervisors to execute their own land-use policies. For citizens, local bodies are often the only venue for defending their property.

These bills are aimed at every local board statewide. To ensure that our emails to the Senators are not easily dismissed, our click-to-send email stays away from local issues here in western Prince William County, and rather focuses on this central statewide issue:

These bills set a dangerous precedent that will affect and come back to haunt every Senator, and every constituent, in every district throughout the state.  The bills will rob local governments of the ability to intervene and protect their own localities all across Virginia – localities made up of each Senator’s constituents!

All of the Senators must be made to understand:

This is bad legislation with statewide implications – no matter what Delegate Habeeb has tried to represent. They must protect the citizens who elected them into office, and who expect them to uphold their elected responsibilities.

You can add your voice by sending this easy click-to-send email demanding that each and every state Senator do the right thing now to protect all their constituents throughout Virginia by VOTING NO on SB 1110 and HB 1766 – whenever they come before them.

Your email needs to be in the Senators’ inboxes no later than NOON next Tuesday, January 31 so that they get our messages before either bill is voted on.