Derecho – HB1766 and SB1110 Preparing To Take A Dirt Nap?

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those state officials, local officials, grass roots organizers and particularly local residents who have applied continuous pressure on the members of the Imperial Clown Show in Richmond.

At the quarter pole it appears that both HB1766 and SB1110 have pulled up lame and may be headed to the legislative glue factory.

Although the war is by no means over, it would appear that the campaign of public pressure (some would compare it to a massive napalm strike) on the Senate and House of Delegates has had a telling impact.  Sen. Habeeb asked that HB1766 be passed by for the day, highly unusual in that it was set for a third reading and vote this morning.  More stunning was that Sen. Stanley asked that SB1110 be passed by for the day at this afternoon’s committee meeting, meaning that the earliest it can now be considered by the Committee is next Monday (if my understanding of the arcane committee rules are correct).

Those associated with the Haymarket Power Line issue can give themselves a hearty slap on the back as the efforts of those hundreds of residents have brought significant sunlight and intense heat to a pair of bills that likely were designed to slip under the radar.  As a result of their efforts groups statewide have taken notice (of both the liberal and conservative ilk) as have residents in other areas and several other local jurisdictions.  Dominion on the other hand is desperately attempting to distance itself from the legislation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, keep at it, pour on the coals and bury these bills before they rise from their shallow graves.