17 Replies to “PWC BOCS Resolution Oppose HB 1766 and SB 1110”

  1. We understand that HB 1766 seeks to abolish the zoning powers of every locality in Virginia, and enable Dominion Power and other private utilities to locate electric substations and associated facilities anywhere Dominion Power desires. This is a terrible concept, and would potentially destroy property values that are currently under local zoning control.

    Please vote NO to HB 1766, Senate 110.

  2. I have been opposed to any aerial route for the power lines since this started years ago. Every time the most preferred route, buried along route 66, seems to be settled there is some other road block placed before the committee. Let’s stop all of this posturing and once and for all end the game. Vote to oppose HB 1766 and SB 1110

  3. Once again Dominion Power and Amazon are using there lobbyists and money to attempt to overthrow the citizens of Prince William County. This needs to stop – our Delegates need to listen to their constituents and not the special interest groups! Vote to oppose HB 1766 and SB 1110.

  4. Think of who benefits; think if this disrectly affected your consituents. Vote no on HB 1766 and SB110 would feelnow in the future.

  5. Please oppose HB 1766 and SB 1110. Do not let lobbyist for BIG companies and BIG utilities to control what happens in each individual county in this commonwealth. These companies did not pay for my house to be built, why should I pay for their utility lines to be built.

  6. VOTE NO to HB 1766 and SB 1110. They are simply flanking maneuvers to enable dominion to exercise its desires regardless of the existing residents concerns and personal impacts. All delegates, representatives, and members of the Senate who support these bills are clearly stating that they prefer big business over their constituents who put them in office.

    Keith W Pierce.

  7. This bill takes zoning powers from local boards of supervisors (and the people), and places it in the hands of a power company. Unconscionable. Delegates must vote against this and protect the interests of the people they were elected to serve NOT powerful corporate entitites.

  8. I oppose any aerial route for the proposed Power Lines.

    At this point money is taking precedent over numerous lives including our children’s lives in this community. I DO NOT want my children sitting in a school under Power Lines for 8hours a day nor do I want them living in a house impacted by PowerLines. The adverse health impacts have not been sufficiently explored. I implore the decision makers to ask themselves whether they would willingly move their families to a home or a school right under Power Lines, I am betting the answer is exactly what you suspect!!!!

    Where is our (or our children’s) choice in that!?!! Listen to our community!

  9. We need to think proactively on this issue.
    1. the need for these lines are only being driven by a commercial customer (not the residents)
    2. the customer is building their site in a commercial area that cannot currently supply their power (and they knew that when the bought the land and have already started construction). What they did was put the “cart before the horse” and expect the community to accept that problem
    3. a site (Innovation Park) was specifically created for their purpose that can more than handle their power needs
    4. the lines need to be buried- just drive along Wellington Road near Jiffy Lube Live and you can witness what a massive disgusting eyesore of overhead lines has already done to the aesthetics of our community.

  10. Time and again the good citizens of VA have tried to work with the politicians and offer up alternatives to overhead power lines. The approach that is being approved, against the will of the people, will cause property values to be destroyed and will be a blight on our communities. Yet politicians that are voted to office to represent the people seem to forget what their job is. Just when we think we have a solution, another attempt is made to bypass the wans and needs of the people. It is disgusting to watch all mechanizations being done to ram the least costly solution down the throats of the people. Just because it makes business sense in terms of profits, does not make it good idea. And that’s all this is – profit for Dominion and Amazon. No person in their right mind would make this decision unless there is a personal benefit so great that they would overlook the damage this will cause. Eventually some politician will have to stand up for what is right. I am hoping it will be this time.

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