Richmond Times-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Power lines would endanger community

Editor, Times-Dispatch:  The State Corporation Commission holds the future of our community in its hands. My husband and I, as well as many other families, chose to build our home in an area surrounded by conservation land. Originally, this seemed to be the ideal neighborhood to raise a family. But if Dominion erects 112-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide towers along Carver Road, our promising futures will be destroyed.

How can anyone place corporate greed above the needs and welfare of countless families? A Carver Road power line would mean those families would be waking up to a view of steel monstrosities instead of beautiful conservation land. It means our children would attend school eight hours a day beneath these power lines. It would mean placing the health and welfare of my young boys at risk with little documented knowledge about the long-term health impact of these lines.

This community means something to me. Does it mean anything to the State Corporation Commission?

Chrissy Faessen.