Richmond Times-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Power Lines Don’t Belong on Carver

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

 I am opposed to the proposed power lines that would be placed on Carver Road in Gainesville. Carver Road is a historically African-American neighborhood (one of the last in the area). The neighborhood has been home to working-class citizens for generations.

Building power lines of such substantive size will erase a neighborhood from the map and the welcoming, peaceful tranquility of a neighborhood that is safe and the perfect place to have a family.

 I grew up on Lee Highway and spent many summer afternoons on Carver Road with my friends. A power giant like Dominion should not exert its power over ordinary citizens. Small neighborhoods like Carver Road should be preserved and protected because they are rarities. The closeness felt among neighbors is like that of yesteryear, when one could go next door and borrow a cup of sugar.

 Neighbors on Carver Road know one another and deserve to continue to live in their homes without fear of being forced out. Dominion should reconsider placing the power lines on Carver Road.

 Lori Jackson.