Bull Run Observer: Del. Marshall critical of SCC examiner’s choice of Carver Rd. alternative route for power lines

By Terri Erwin-Fitz

Delegate Bob Marshall, who has worked tirelessly on defending he community that will e affected the the State Corporation Commission’s final decision on locating the power lines, say that it seems there is a hearing examiner who is “making the case for Dominion Power instead of looking at the common good.”

Marshall says that it is a dis-service to the citizens of the community and believes the SCC may have lost its impartiality.

He says that there seem to be different laws for “big corporations and another law for you and me” and he rejects that profoundly.

He adds that even as a child, he rejected the idea of a “big guy picking on a little guy” calling it “inherently unfair,” and said this looks like the same situation that he came to reject.

Marshall adds that Amazon is breaking all the rules building data centers six miles outside of the intended technology corridor and alleged that the company does not mind “ruining the lifestyle of the community.”

He adds that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, own paper won’t even cover the issue.  He says that is why monopolies are wrong – period.

Marshall says that he is clearly annoyed and that the SCC is ignoring the (national) election just held in which “tens of millions of people rejected the idea that the rich and powerful have one set of rules and they have another.  The hearing examiner is ignoring what our society is saying.”

Marshall says that line is clearly an extension to Amazon’s data center and suggests that something is wrong in making the decision to build the Carver Road option.