You can still have an impact on the Haymarket powerline SCC proceedings.  This project affects all of us in Gainesville and Haymarket.  We are still fighting for the I-66 Hybrid undergrounded solution.  Here are some actions to take now which will continue the fight for our communities and ensure your input is considered.

1.      Donations to the Coalition

URGENT:  As a formal respondent in the Haymarket powerline case, the Coalition is entitled to have our legal counsel provide a formal response to the SCC Hearing Examiner’s recent recommendation of the Carver Rd. overhead route.  Our counsel’s response must be considered by the SCC Commissioners – and must be submitted by Monday, December 5.  Coalition legal representation requires funding. The Coalition is YOU – your support is needed now.  All fund-raising at this point goes to Coalition legal representation. We have no independent source of money or resources, and we are all volunteers.  Please DONATE now!

2.      Letters to the Editor – Richmond Times Dispatch

The SCC Commissioners, the final decision makers, are based in Richmond.  Your letter to the editor in the Richmond paper will get their attention.  Go to this link now to submit your input:

Talking Points:

– This is just a power extension cord for Amazon.

– Expert testimony acknowledges that 97% of the power is for Amazon.

– This is David vs Goliath.

– Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company.  Everyday citizens in this community are trying to protect their only asset.  Where is the fairness in this exercise?

– We agree with SCC Staff that “Amazon needs to put skin in the game.”

– The partially underground Hybrid I-66 route is the only fair solution.

– We are protecting the quality of life in our community.

3.  Email the PWC Board of Supervisors – Let the Board of Supervisors know how they can help us.;;;;;;;

Tell your Supervisors:

– You backed out as respondents to the case, but the citizens need you to stay engaged.
– You have power and we need you to use it.  Protect your constituents.
– Don’t be bullied by Dominion and Amazon.
– Tell Dominion and Amazon you will vote “No” on the Haymarket substation if any above-ground route is chosen to provide power for Amazon’s need.

This has been a long and less-than-transparent process – but it isn’t over yet.  By taking action on all three of the items above,  you can ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect our homes and community.  Please Act Now!