We Need Your Help – Dominion wants a ‘Do-Over’!

I didn’t think Dominion Power could get more desperate – and duplicitous – than their past actions in the Haymarket transmission line case showed them to be.

That was until last week, when Dominion asked the State Corporation Commission (SCC) for a “do over” in the current case because (and yes, this is a quote) the SCC Staff “offers new evidence in its post-hearing brief in support of allocating a large portion of the cost of this transmission project to a single retail customer.”

That’s right. SCC staff echoed Dominion’s own statements made by Dominion spokespeople Chuck Penn and Greg Mathe, and Dominion’s own SCC application. It’s not actually new evidence. Staff just applies old evidence in a way that Dominion doesn’t like.

And Dominion says this is inherently unfair and prejudices them.

Friends, we are witnessing a desperate and duplicitous corporation trying to cover its own rear-end and cover-up its own words.

Desperate, because Dominion knows that its usual practice of using rate payer dollars to fund speculative development is now in full view of the public and Dominion’s regulators.

Duplicitous, because Dominion itself has admitted this project is for one customer – we know it is Amazon – and referred to the project as a line extension. Staff echoed Dominion’s words.

If you ever needed evidence that the Coalition’s strategy has worked, here it is. A multi-billion dollar monopoly regulated by our state government is asking for a do-over because they’ve been caught gambling with rate payer dollars – and the SCC staff had the courage to call them on it.
We need your help.

Now is the time to show Dominion our resolve and determination not just to keep them from hurting our community, but from exploiting all Virginians who pay their rates.

Our legal counsel has worked on a shoestring to keep advancing our argument despite being outspent a hundred times over. We cannot waiver now. We need your support as our attorney prepares our response to Dominion’s last-minute antics. His legal acumen and SCC experience are our best weapons right now.

Please, if you value the protection and preservation of our community, give what you can: Donate

And I know you value it. We’ve already seen what a unified, undaunted community can do.

Thank you,
Elena Schlossberg
Executive Director, Coalition to Protect Prince William County