Bob Marshall: Good News – Haymarket Power Line

Great News in SCC Report!

Dear Friends,

The SCC Staff legal brief in the Haymarket transmission line case agreed with the longstanding position of many of us fighting to protect the town of Haymarket, that this line extension benefits a single private corporation at ratepayer expense!

The Staff report states, “Were it not for the Customer’s [Amazon] request, the Project would not be needed at all for the foreseeable future….the general public, already burdened by the environmental and aesthetic impacts of otherwise unneeded transmission projects,” could also be “burdened with 100% of the otherwise unnecessary costs.”

The SCC General Counsel made a case for requiring the data center operator, who will be the single beneficiary of the costly new infrastructure, to pay for the new proposed transmission line, if these lines are even needed at all. The I-66 Hybrid proposal would require Dominion Power to bury the power lines along the 5.1-mile stretch that would have the most significant negative impact on homeowners and the Haymarket community.

While this is fantastic news we must continue to be vigilant. Dominion is doing everything they can to ensure that they will continue to be able to foist the costs of extension cords for corporate clients off on all of their ratepayers. We must continue to fight to protect the Haymarket community.

Thank you for your continued help. As always, if you have any questions or I can help you in any way, please let me know.


Delegate Bob Marshall