DON’T FORGET – FINAL LOCAL SCC hearing for the Haymarket transmission and substation project:


7 PM


15000 Graduation Drive – Haymarket

Show Our Unity – WEAR RED!

UNPRECEDENTED:  One of the 3 SCC Commissioners who will decide this case will be at this local hearing! PACK THE HOUSE – FILL THE AUDITORIUM TONIGHT.  WE SHOWED UP EN MASSE IN JANUARY OF 2015 – LET’S DO IT AGAIN.

Residents most directly impacted by the 5 routes in Dominion’s application

Residents from the wider community show solidarity

Tell the SCC Commissioner

This community doesn’t appreciate being used for

Amazon’s and Dominion’s end-profit margins

Do the right thing by this community

Either move the project to Innovation Park

Where the County offered incredible incentives

Or bury that *@#$%* transmission line / Amazon extension cord

SHOW UP!  Together we make a huge statement – BE THERE TONIGHT! NOTE:  Not everyone in our communities receives our emails – AND not everyone reads the emails they receive!  Help us get the word out to your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family.  Let your neighbors know why this matters, that their input DOES have an impact, and that they need to be there TONIGHT.