Planning Commission: UNANIMOUS YES!

Our county Planning Commissioners unanimously approved Alternative A for the Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) on April 20!   You, the people, spoke – and they listened!

This couldn’t have happened without the phenomenal collaboration led by Planning Director, Chris Price, and his staff; as well as coordination from Supervisor Jeanine Lawson’s staff. Planning Staff, citizens, and industry reps were brought together to address appropriate countywide zoning requirements for data centers, substations, and computer and network services. The outcome of this work is the Planning Commission’s recommended alternative A, which will put in place definitions, guidelines, and oversight mechanisms to ensure that industry knows which county zoning districts are appropriate for these types of businesses; and that private property, historical resources, and commercial interests of all citizens can be protected from potential negative impacts. The Planning Commission has never received so many emails from citizens across the county supporting zoning changes.

But we’re not done yet….   The next and FINAL step is for the County Board of Supervisors to approve the Alternative A ZTA. Only then will this better zoning be put into effect countywide, to avoid in the future the type of heartache and controversy currently being experienced around Haymarket.

The Board’s public hearing and vote on this Alternative A ZTA (#DPA2016-00003) will occur in the next few weeks. Industry representatives, such as Dominion Power, Northern Virginia Technology Council, and others, will try to prevail upon the Board to NOT approve the recommended zoning changes. The community deserves this common-sense zoning. All of us together can have a tremendous impact on their crucial final vote…. with emails to the Board, and speaking at their meeting before their vote.

Watch for updates and Be Ready!