SEND EMAILS – Planning Commission Zoning Text Amendment Vote April 20

When citizens pushed to have the Board of Supervisors’ resolution passed in August of last year, that resolution directed county Planning Staff to look at zoning which allowed data centers into Haymarket without any oversight.  It has become clear that county zoning ordinances need to be updated so that no more data centers can be approved in our western end of the county, and also to direct the appropriate placement of data centers throughout the county.  The County Planning Commissioners have a critical vote coming up on Wednesday, April 20, a decision which could positively affect the fight our community is engaged in.  Our commissioners need to hear what we want their choice to be.

The county’s Planning Staff engaged with citizens, as well as business representatives, to determine the most appropriate and needed zoning changes.  Alternative A is the Planning Staff’s recommended zoning text amendment for the newly created Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District.  This alternative serves as an incentive for businesses, as well  as a protection for the private property of citizens.  While it can’t prevent the data center that exists now on property across from the Walmart in Haymarket, this alternative could impact future growth of more data centers in our community.

Businesses hold tremendous sway on decisions made in our county.  In order for Alternative A for the zoning text amendments to progress to the County Board of Supervisors, so that they can approve it and put it into effect, citizens need Alternative A to be passed by the County Planning Commissioners.

Your emails made a difference last week – let’s do it again Send this easy click-to-send email by Tuesday, April 19, to request the Planning Commissioners approve the zoning text amendment Alternative A at their April 20 meeting

As stated in our latest press release, we believe in “Progress, not Plunder.”  We advocate for helping all communities, businesses and residents alike.  Good planning is proactive, not reactive.

 ** Come to the 7 PM Public Hearing Wednesday, April 20 at the McCoart Building, Potomac Conference Room to personally request the Planning Commissioners unanimously approve Alternative A.  It makes a huge difference in the outcome of the vote when citizens attend and speak at the public hearing.  Your input matters! ** (1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA)


Keep making a difference – We can do this!