Be a Somebody

I am Somebody

We recently figured out that there have only  been 105 comments submitted online since 12/11/15, when the SCC established the on-line site for the Haymarket transmission and substation project.

Surely we can do better than this!

This project impacts thousands of us across the Haymarket, Gainesville, Catharpin, and Brentsville greater community.   The SCC needs to hear from thousands of us SOMEBODIES doing something about what we care about, not just 100.  This is our opportunity to speak our minds and let the SCC commissioners, who will make the decision, know what we want our fate to be.


Submit your comments by visiting this SCC page at and locating our case PUE-2015-00107 as shown below. Your comments will be officially logged as part of the public record for the case.  (BE CAREFUL to select the PUE-2015-00107 case – not the 2016 case!)

  1. Go to
  2. Find the Haymarket line and substation case: PUE-2015-00107 (see arrow below)
  3. Click on Submit Comments (see arrow below)
  4. When you have completed the form, submit the information for inclusion in the case file

SCC comments steps

Each one of you is a “somebody” in this County – a somebody who matters and makes a difference.  Let’s put our pens where our mouths are, to fight for our families and for what we hold dear throughout our community.