Kudos to Somerset Crossing and Heritage Hunt for their outstanding advocacy on adamantly insisting that the SCC process for the Haymarket transmission line and substation project be held in a fair and transparent manner!  Their interventions have persuaded SCC Hearing Examiner Glenn Richardson to allow for an extension of the original May 10 Evidentiary Hearing date, to June 21!

The consistency of the community’s message no doubt played some role in these recent events.  For details on their arguments and the Hearing Examiner’s response, mapping out all changes to the procedural schedule, visit  – SCC Hearing Examiner’s Ruling on Somerset Crossing-Heritage Hunt Joint Motion

There will be no additional local hearings besides May 2 at Battlefield HS.  But this extension allows additional time, up to June 17, for written or electronic public commentary.  We will be sending a separate message providing guidance on how to submit your written testimony to the SCC.

Everybody should feel really good about how we have all come together and are continuing to fight!