Questions about Amazon’s Massive Water Usage

Martin Jensen, a Dominion Valley resident questions the secrecy surrounding not only Amazon and Dominion Power but also the Prince William County Service Authority(PWSA), the independent agency who provides clean water to our community.

Did you know?

Last November, Amazon paid PWCSA $4.5 million to erase unpaid water & sewage bills for their existing data center. In the interim, their bill was subsidized by the regular rate payers of the Service Authority (ie PWCSA rate payers ie ALL OF US) The Service Authority did not refund the 4.5 million but instead diverted the funds for construction and debt services for construction presumably to fund the water line from the Antioch Road water tower to the Amazon facility off of Route 55. This shuffling of funds from one purpose to another, magically diverting monies paid by rate payers to a construction fund was done in secrecy without the public’s knowledge. And is yet another example of how Prince William County taxpayers are being expected to pay for the Amazon data facility.