Press Release: Coalition Praises County Board Stand For Residents Against Dominion

Coalition to Protect Prince William County
PO Box 382
Haymarket, VA 20168


For more Information contact:
Elena Schlossberg
Executive Director, Coalition to Protect Prince William County


Executive director says, “Resolutions honor our past, respect our present, and protect our future. Pass them!”

Haymarket, Virginia (July 14, 2015) – The Coalition to Protect Prince William County praises Prince William County supervisor Jeanine Lawson for introducing a slate of resolutions that help protect residential private property, historical resources, and commercial interests against Dominion Virginia Power’s (Dominion) proposed overhead high-voltage transmission lines. See introduced resolution.

Coalition executive director Elena Schlossberg thanks Supervisor Lawson, Chairman Corey Stewart, and county executives and staff members for, “collaborating with a broad and diverse group of concerned citizens and community leaders to craft resolutions that honor the county’s unique cultural and historical heritage, respect the present need to balance development and residential quality of life, and put in motion changes that will protect county residents and businesses in future battles. We urge all supervisors to pass these resolutions at their August 4, 2015 meeting.”

Schlossberg noted, “The County Comprehensive Plan – our chief planning directive – dictates where high-voltage transmission lines belong, and details priorities for protecting residential property, conservation easements, and open space. Virginia law requires the State Corporation Commission – Dominion’s regulator – to consider, prior to approving any overhead transmission line, whether it is consistent with the locality’s comprehensive plan.”

Schlossberg added, “Clearly, any route besides the I-66 and buried alternative runs against County priorities. These resolutions reaffirm that position, direct key county personnel to act accordingly, and signal the County’s unwillingness to have residents pick up the tab for Dominion’s private benefit – or Amazon’s, for that matter.”

Schlossberg further stated that, “Intertwined with our residential growth and commercial expansion, Prince William County has a rich historical heritage, often associated with the Civil War and reaching well before that to pre-colonial times. We live and work amid 52 registered historic sites, designated Historic and Prehistoric High-Sensitivity Areas, and unique entities such as the Rural Crescent urban growth boundary and Buckland historic overlay district. These resolutions explicitly acknowledge our County-wide resources and call for their defense.”

Schlossberg continued, “These resolutions also initiate overdue changes to Zoning Ordinances to site and support infrastructure to best meet the needs of residents and developers. Prince William County naturally seeks investment and job-creation, and with forward-looking leadership we can support and encourage expansion of commerce without sacrificing residents’ quality of life or local enterprise’s ability to prosper.”

Schlossberg concluded, “Coinciding with Dominion’s July 15 open house, these resolutions show our County leadership wants what the Coalition wants: I-66 and buried. We urge all supervisors to use the tools at their disposal to protect residents, businesses, and our open spaces. Pass these resolutions!”

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The Prince William County board is scheduled to vote on the resolution during their next meeting, scheduled for Aug. 4.