Dear Friends:

I wanted to let you know that Dominion has completed its phase one studies and has released updated information about the Haymarket 230kv Power Line project.  They have also scheduled a hearing on the proposed lines.

Dominion has removed several of the previous options from THEIR consideration, including:

  1. New Road Alternatives (shown in gray long dashes on the map below);
  2. Wheeler Alternatives (shown in gray short dashes on the map below);
  3. Northern Alternative (shown in gray dots on the map below).

However I am extremely disappointed to discover that they have added two new proposed routes and are returning the Railroad line to consideration.   None of the proposed routes are acceptable except for the I-66 Hybrid line.

Dominion will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, from 5 to 8 PM at Battlefield High School to discuss the routes currently under consideration which are:

  1. I-66 “Hybrid” Overhead/Underground Alternative (shown in a light blue on the map below);
  2. I-66 Overhead Alternative (shown as a dark blue line on the map below);
  3. Railroad Alternative (shown as a red line on the map below);
  4. Carver Road Alternative (shown as a green line on the map below);
  5. Madison Alternative (shown as an orange line on the map below).

Please remember that the State Corporation Commission can select any of the routes previously proposed by Dominion.  They are not limited by law or practice to Dominion’s recommendations.   Dominion’s removal of a prior route does not eliminate that route from being chosen by the State Corporation Commission.  So I would encourage everyone affected by current and previous routes to stay vigilant.

If this latest round of proposed power line routes results in some community members thinking they are “safe” from their neighborhood being affected and they stop being active in their support of the hybrid I-66 route, it could be their neighborhood that ends up with 110 foot tall high voltage lines in their back yard!

The only route that I and the other elected officials representing the affected areas support is the hybrid overhead and underground line down I-66.  Departure from the I-66 Hybrid proposal is not negotiable with us.

I mentioned at a Townhall meeting held by Supervisor Candland that everyone in Western PWC must stick together and not support any plan that removes a particular neighborhood from the proposed power line corridors at the expense of other neighbors.

Preserving the integrity of the ENTIRE Western Prince William community from the property rights assault by Dominion has always been our position ever since we became aware of the Amazon proposal.  The common good requires this tact.  Any departure from it by parts of our coalition can adversely affect everyone.

Is it possible Dominion removed certain corridors for the purpose of hoping to diminish opposition?  I cannot say with certainty.  I do know that all parts of the community are still potentially affected by the prior and present routes, and to protect our common good, we must remain vigilant, united and active.

I would like to thank the Coalition to Protect PWC, the Leadership Committee of Somerset Crossing, Greenhill Crossing, Village Place and others,  and the Buckland Preservation Society for their tireless work to protect the property rights of citizens in Western Prince William.   I would also like to thank Senator Dick Black, Supervisor Pete Candland, Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, Chairman Corey Stewart, Delegate Tim Hugo and other elected officials who have worked to ensure that the hybrid line is the preferred line and ask that we all continue to remain united in opposition to all routes except the I-66 Hybrid line.    NOT IN ANYONE”S BACK YARD!

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I ask that you please plan to attend the July 15th meeting or send your comments to  I look forward to continuing to work with you on this issue.  If you have any questions please let me know.


Delegate Bob Marshall


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Dominion Power Routes