Power Line Update, June 24, 2015

On June 24th, the Coalition to Protect Prince William County received an update from Dominion Virginia Power.  Supervisor Pete Candland has sent out an email about the update (included below) with many details.  Dominion Virginia Power is taking the next step for the proposed Haymarket 230 kV Transmission and Substation Project.  They have advised that their proposal to the SCC will include five routes, two of which are new, listed below; and will not recommend three of the five previous routes: the New Road Alternative (2 options), Northern Alternative, and Western Alternative (2 Wheeler Alternatives).

A meeting for the public, hosted by Dominion Virginia Power, will be held Wednesday, July 15 at Battlefield High School from 5 – 8 PM.

Dominion’s currently proposed five routes (#4 and #5 are new additions):

  1. I-66 “Hybrid” Overhead/Underground Alternative (shown as a light blue line on the map below)
  2. I-66 Overhead Alternative (shown as a dark blue line on the map below)
  3. Railroad Alternative (shown as a red line on the map below)
  4. Carver Road Alternative (shown as a green line on the map below)
  5. Madison Alternative (shown as an orange line on the map below)

For reference, see Dominion Power’s previously published Draft map

The Coalition will continue to advocate I-66 and Buried (Hybrid Alternative) as the only acceptable route – if transmission lines are to be built. The Coalition is dedicated to this singular mission.  All of the proposed transmission line routes will have an impact on our community – the Hybrid Alternative would bring the least impact.  We must remember, we are all one community – not on my property, not on my neighbor’s property.

Additionally, although we are told that Dominion Power is not recommending some routes, we must recognize that these and any other routes could be possibilities.  We know that the SCC has the power to choose any route they prefer, even if not recommended by Dominion Power.

And to our supporters in the public sector – including on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and in the Virginia General Assembly – we say thank you for your support thus far, and a special thanks to Supervisor Pete Candland for acknowledging the Coalition and its work in his comments.  Candland is right when he says, ‘There is considerable work that remains to be done.’  This is not over, and your ongoing support and exercise of the power of your offices will be critical going forward.

Finally, Dominion is clearly moving forward in spite of the acknowledgement from Supervisor Candland that he will not support a data center outside of the Haymarket town limits.  The need for proposed power lines will now be even harder to prove.

Please attend the July 15 meeting to learn more and share your concerns.  We will keep you advised of anything we learn.

Thank you,
The Coalition to Protect Prince William County


For reference, see Dominion Power’s previously published Draft map with 5 routes