Press Release: Coalition Partners with Winery at La Grange to Fight Power Towers

Coalition to Protect Prince William County
PO Box 382
Haymarket, VA 20168


For more Information contact:
Elena Schlossberg
Executive Director, Coalition to Protect Prince William County


Executive director, winery investor, concerned citizens to protest Dominion’s proposed transmission lines

Haymarket, Virginia (May 1, 2015) – The Coalition to Protect Prince William County will partner with the Winery at La Grange Winery to hold a rally to fight Dominion Power’s proposed power towers on May 9th, from 2- 6 pm.  Attached is a flyer with details.

Fletcher Henderson, an original investor in the winery and wine maker, and Elena Schlossberg, executive director of the Coalition will be speaking at 3 pm to the community, sharing the latest updates and rallying all Coalition supporters to once again take the fight to Dominion.

The Coalition looks forward to seeing the media engaged in this issue.  This fight is not just about power towers, it’s about how we as individuals and communities co-exist with the 21st century digital communication explosion. According to Schlossberg, “We need information technology infrastructure, but we also must ensure that our communities remain vibrant.  We must protect our personal property, our environment, and our historical resources.  We must coexist, and not seek ‘either – or’ outcomes. We also seek resolution. Our community is being held hostage because Dominion Power has delayed and delayed – we cannot defend ourselves against mere possibility, and Dominion Power owes us a clear statement of its intentions, and the real need for such an invasion of private property with such devastating consequences… all for one customer.  The Coalition has championed from the beginning that no one should pay for the infrastructure and sacrifice their homes for one customer – Amazon.  The taking of private property to supply energy to one customer is unnecessary, and un-American.”

The Coalition invites all parties including political incumbents and their challengers from this region to attend the Rally. We also invite both Dominion Power and Amazon to the Rally – and we hope that both corporations will send representatives to meet the community that they are affecting.

Schlossberg concluded, “The community remains as dedicated and committed today as they were when over 1100 people showed up on Jan. 12 for a Town Hall meeting.  This rally will demonstrate, with one united voice, that ‘I-66 and buried’ is the best solution.”

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