Chairman Corey Stewart Lays out Criteria for Powerline Resolution

The Coalition is very pleased that Chairman Stewart has taken a leadership role and begun the process to actually put forth a resolution that has some real teeth in it!

It isn’t enough to hear platitudes of support for the I66 hybrid option.  The citizens deserve to have a resolution that clearly demonstrates why any route but I66 and buried will have long term negative impacts for not only our immediate community, private AND commercial, but the county as a whole.

Data Centers are a unique economic opportunity, but because they require intensive infrastructure, power and water, we need to ensure that their placement meets common sense good planning practices.

Here is the outline Chairman Stewart is proposing, the Coalition will definitely be sharing their thoughts an ideas as this resolution unfolds.

Dear Concerned Residents,

I wanted to provide you with an update on actions by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors regarding the Dominion Power Lines. On Tuesday evening, I announced to the Board my intention to do the following:

· I gave notice to the Board of County Supervisors that I will be introducing a resolution for a vote by the Board of County Supervisors at the next (May 12, 2015) Board meeting which will deal with issues surrounding the currently proposed Dominion Power lines in Western Prince William County as well as future proposed power lines

· In the resolution I intend to ask the Prince William County Planning Department to study and report whether overhead power lines are consistent with the county’s Comprehensive Plan in any of the five corridors proposed by Dominion

· I will put forward a change in zoning from buy-right uses for data centers, to one that require special use permits for data in areas that are within certain proximity to residential units

· I will request Dominion to spread the costs of undergrounding the power lines to all customers of the utility not just those in the vicinity of the current proposed power lines

· In addition I will request that any proposal by a power company to install a new substation be reviewed by the Prince William Planning Commission for considerations, hearings, and recommendations to the Board of County Supervisors consistent with 15.2-2232 of the Code of Virginia

· Finally, the resolution will re-affirm this Boards support for Economic Development at the Innovation Technology Park and the rural crescent

I will continue to fight for the residents of Prince William County and will keep urging Dominion Power to move forward with the I-66 Hybrid Route.

Corey Stewart

3 Replies to “Chairman Corey Stewart Lays out Criteria for Powerline Resolution”

  1. Did this resolution get introduced? I see no mention of it on the agenda for the 5/12 meeting.

  2. Hi Eliot,

    sorry for the delayed response! The resolution was not introduced because the Coalition wants to ensure that it will do what the citizens need it to do, be a comprehensive document with real teeth, not just another we oppose any route besides I66. We need to have the BOCS submit a resolution that uses our long range planning and real fiscal impacts as a means to influence the SCC with facts to support WHY the hybrid route is the only route to protect our personal property, our historical assets and our commercial interests.

    Very soon we hope the Chairman will have a resolution that, like the Fauquier County BOCS, will be supported unanimously!

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