Haymarket Day, Huge Success!

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Earth Day in Haymarket was huge success.   Thank you to our fabulous volunteers who made this happen!

Not only did we raise some money, but we had several dozen new people sign the petition.

Clearly many people were aware our whole community efforts, but we also shared more in-depth facts regarding why we are opposed to any route other than I66 and buried.

We will continue to say, in one united voice, no one should be asked to give up their home, their property, their personal investment, OR long standing commercial investment in order to supply power to Amazon and their proposed Data center at the edge of the Rural Area.

We have several community members ask us why a Data center would even be placed in an area with no infrastructure.  Many people did not know that the citizens will be paying for Amazon’s extension chord with no real benefit to the community.

All in all, a beautiful day, with lots of positive community outreach!

Stay tuned for more details for our next event, May 9th, Rally at La Grange Winery!