Dominion Power: Haymarket Transmission Project – Status Update

We received the following email update from Dominion Power today.  Although the Coalition appreciates Dominion Powers public acknowledgement of the ” “hybrid” overhead/underground option along I-66″,  we were hoping for  more substantive information in this update.  We look forward to more concrete information in the near future.

I want to provide a quick status update on our Haymarket 230kV Transmission Line and Substation project.

We appreciate the level of engagement the community continues to have on this topic and understand your need for a resolution on the direction this project may take.

I want to reassure you that community input is an important part of our routing analysis. We incorporate the input as we consider how projects can best meet the energy needs of our customers, the impact the projects will have on the transmission grid, costs and Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) requirements. Routing options are being studied comprehensively, including the “hybrid” overhead/underground option along I-66. We are committed to submitting a complete evaluation in our application to the SCC.

We remain committed to discussing this project with the community. We plan to host a second public information session on this project in advance of filing with the SCC once we have further evaluated the viability and impacts of potential routes. In the meantime, we will continue to update the community on a periodic basis.

Thank you,

Greg Mathe
Electric Transmission Communications