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Dear Mr. Farrell, Mr. Blue, Mr. Penn, Mr. Cutler, and Mr. Mathe –

I live in an area impacted by proposed Dominion Power high voltage transmission lines. I am writing this letter to express my forceful opposition to Dominion’s proposed 230kV overhead power lines in western Prince William County. I am a member of the Coalition to Protect Prince William County, and want to provide my personal follow-up to their letter of March 1, 2015 to you. By adding my input to their letter, I hope you will better understand the impact of your actions.

Our property is located in the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area, established in 2008, which protects land from Gettysburg, PA to Monticello, VA. In addition, we are located in an area that is part of the PWC Comprehensive Plan, which considers the interests of amenity-driven, planned communities, and also includes an urban growth boundary, called the Rural Crescent. Unfortunately, your proposed above-ground transmission towers are in complete contradiction to the long-term goals of Prince William County, and of our nation, to preserve this sacred and valued area.

On a more personal level, our property serves as a cornerstone to our family’s financial stability. I understand and accept the fact that public utilities are a necessary component to the community that we love. What I cannot accept, however, is blatant encroachment on our property in search of private profits for one private client. Moreover, I oppose overhead transmission lines on anyone’s private property in Prince William County.

There is, however, a reasonable alternative that Dominion Power has also proposed, which would minimize the effect on property values, natural resources, and historic treasures. The I-66 Hybrid Route, with below-ground burial of cable, will mitigate the devastating impacts on our community brought by any of the other proposed routes. I will continue to advocate for this option; and I will put my time, my money, and my ballot where my heart is.

In closing, I would reiterate the Coalition’s question to you: Are overhead, high-voltage power lines, which cut through hundreds of acres of private property, multiple Civil War-era historic sites, and countless acres of Hallowed Ground and Resource Protected Areas, a legacy which Dominion Power wants to create within our community? I certainly hope not. But at the very least, in making your decision on how to proceed, I wanted you to know the name of one of those whose property and way of life could be destroyed; and will be opposing your overhead transmission lines.