Great start in Richmond … but limiting Dominion will be a long term effort

Dear Neighbors,

First, let us all thank the dedication of almost 100 people from our communities that have traveled to Richmond over the last 2 weeks to make our voices heard.  They demonstrated, on our behalf, our commitment to our communities, and to each other.  They were well prepared and organized.  We also send warm thanks to Delegate Bob Marshall for his continuing hard work, guidance and support on all matters related to fighting these power lines. Although HB2356 did, unfortunately, fail in sub-committee, we have proven that we have the resources to fight in any venue.

This legislation was but a small detour along our path to ensure that the only power line route that is chosen by Dominion Power is the I-66 Hybrid option.  This is the solution that Chairman Stewart and Supervisor Candland have continuously supported through their resolutions and their words.

If Dominion Power thought their influence in Richmond would derail our singular focus, they are woefully  mistaken.  We are more determined than EVER to prevail.  We were hopeful that a sprint would bring us to a quicker win, but we have always known that we are in for a marathon.

Nothing has changed, this community is still united as one voice.  This is how we draw together our most powerful resources to ensure that there is no alternative but I-66 and partially buried.  This recent effort in Richmond was one stone that we needed to turn, and we did that.  Together we will continue to turn any and all remaining stones put up in front of us.

County policy allowed a data center to go into an area where there is no infrastructure to support it.  Amazon chose a site knowing full well they would need power.  Dominion Power must provide that power, and has attempted to put forward destructive transmission lines, thinking no one would notice.

Well, all of us throughout the greater Haymarket/Gainesville and Rural Crescent region have noticed, and we have put everyone on notice that we will not sit idly by and watch our community destroyed – not by service providers, not for one end user, and not by our elected officials.  We understand the fight before us, and we are ready for this challenge.