New Haymarket Resolution

The Haymarket Resolution, was unanimously adopted by the Haymarket Town Council during last night’s regular meeting.

Elena Schlossberg, Executive Director of the Coalition to Protect Prince William County, addresssed the Council, urged adoption of the resolution, and thanked the Town of Haymarket for the planning report developed by them as a sterling analysis of the proposed installation of a high voltage transmission line by Dominion Virginia Power.

The resolution was sent express to members of the Virginia General Assembly overnight, as well as to those listed in the resolution.

One Reply to “New Haymarket Resolution”

  1. I’ve signed the petition and sent letters to my legislators.
    Please, please have someone check you outgoing correspondence, form letters and postings. The first sample letter to legislators contained errors and was constructed very poorly so as to present a confusing petition.
    Please review and re-read your postings on this site. The verification statement for the petition “To make sure you are human, please enter what two and two equals,” for example, did not specify how to write the answer (“four” or “4”). I presumed that, since the question spelled out – in letters- that the answer should be also be spelled in letters. I was wrong and the Coalition letter containing the verification statement was misleading. I had to re-enter my information and start over.

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