The two pole tower is a stated option for this project

Just in case folks are thinking we are looking at the single pole option the Dominion Proposal clearly shows the two pole towers are an option as well.   See  Also keep in mind that these “smaller tower” Right Of Ways (like those near Catharpin) have been joined by their 530 kv big brothers in the last few years like you see in the flyer graphic.  Once established it is easier to go  even bigger and wider.

two towers

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  1. The two pole arrangement for 230KV is typically a 142 Tangent H Frame, even with a 120ft easement the average height of that pole is 65 to 90 ft (More towards 90ft) with an OSHA recommended safe clearance from the un-insulated conductors of 20ft. So if you’re one of the unlucky ones and have that in your yard then imagine a falling pole ‘danger zone’ reaching some distance beyond the edge of the easement (like +70ft over the edge of the easement considering the offset of the H poles if dead center in the easement and tolerances of the wire suspension)

    It makes little to no sense to me that they even proposed this route, so many people would be effected and such a huge environmental impact. Its highly likely the ‘cost’ of underground installation is being evaluated against the existing above ground equipment capabilities of Dominion and their reluctance to invest more in modern technology and personnel investment which would keep the cables out of sight, safer (as they are insulated underground), protected from weather and they could actually accommodate MORE future development and expansion per square foot than the ‘1886 above ground technology’.
    Whether in the proposed easement or not, we are all effected by our neighbors potentially decreased property values from this proposed route.

  2. Charlie – all good points – only reason I can come up with this “for profit” attack by DP is based on what they attempted in 2006. Please realize I have no validation of my conspiracy theory… but… as they say, follow the money….

    If you were around back in 2006, you might remember a campaign championed by Robert Duval. The campaign was organized because DP wanted to pull power from the mid-west and pump it to New Jersey where they could sell it for 3 times the cost – all at Virginia’s expense with no benefit. The Amazon Data Center, strictly in my opinion, is a veiled attempt to achieve the 2006 agenda.

  3. I didn’t know about that Clifford but I have since researched and I think you could be on to something there, there is likely a bigger plan in motion here by DP and as the site admin stated above they can relatively easily expand in the future. Better we don’t give an inch to them right now, else we WILL regret it in the future. I should imagine most of us expect something like underground lines or at the worst a regular size telephone pole or two for the easement on our lot. Not the kind of construction this suggested route brings.

    I’m not a Realtor and the negative effect on property values is always a difficult item to measure, but I’ve read in some studies that it can be up to 34% loss of value for power transmission lines.

    1. There are several references in the Town of Haymarket report that will give you a sense of the negative effect on property values:

      1. Report of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia, Evaluation of Underground Electric Transmission Lines in Virginia, page 106.

      2. The Price Effects of HVTLs on Abutting Homes, (Appraisal Journal, Oct. 2, 2013).

      1. Thanks Mom, got that report now and will check those out.
        Also it seems to me like there should be an independent assessment on the costs of the underground route along the 66. Doubtful a company would step in to help us but what about a University or College panel ? With knowledge of the tunnelling process. The estimates seem wildly varied at the moment.

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