How can a 20 ft wide power easement become a 120 ft wide easement?

Most of the folks in the direct path are wondering how a normal 20 foot wide power easement can suddenly become a 120 foot easement with no due process?  Although some people have stated this can be done under “eminent domain” – but I wonder if that holds when shorter and probably less expensive and more reliable routes not near any homes are available.  It seems like most of these routes are really just the QUICKEST to create by eliminating the effort to acquire new rights for a shorter and lower cost line.  It seems like running the lines right down Waterfall, Antioch and Thoroughfare are simply to use existing Dominion Power’s Right Of Way.   If anyone has some facts to help us understand please post under comments for this post.

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  1. I66 and underground once it hits the town of haymarket, is Dominion shortest route with the least impact, all Dominion has to do is work with VDOT to obtain permission to use ROW.

  2. Can someone please explain the “Google Map with Line Overlay”. Not sure I fully understand it. Is Dominion proposing a path that looks like an “L” with the bottom of the “L” being along Route 66 and then a second route that goes north from the town of Haymarket? Or, is this an either/or scenario? Also, as a heads up, the New Road Alternative is very similar to a path that was proposed about 3 or 4 years ago. Back then, Dominion was trying to take power from the mid-west and pump it to New Jersey where they could sell it for 3 times the cost…. all at our expense. From my perspective, this is Dominion just trying to do the same thing under a different guise… Route 15 already has a bunch of lines and poles… why do they need another path less then 1/2 mile to the west? Further, Dominion has successfully completed 2 projects with 230KV lines underground. One was in Arlington and the other in Alexandria. They installed the lanes right down the road way, thereby avoiding impacts to property owners and homes… why isn’t this an option? Why should we as homeowner’s be subjected to Dominion’s greed when they have other options with little to no impact to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

  3. We should all be writing a letter to Amazon to ask them to go to the Dulles Corridor where data centers belong. This type of facility doesn’t belong in Haymarket. I’m sure there are jobs and tax revenue to be considered for the town but is this what we as citizens want? Does that intersection really need more traffic? The intersection can’t handle the traffic it has now. If Amazon receives enough letters of concern and realizes they are causing unrest for the town and its citizens, they might relocate.

    1. I see the point about the datacenter but I don’t agree as I think we would be fighting that battle against progress for forever, as one corporation stepping in after another. I don’t think we can avoid the fact that development and expansion WILL happen in Haymarket no matter how hard we fight, its inevitable and really its what any community needs to flourish and prosper into the next generation and to bring in the tax revenue for the community to thrive.
      I think partially the drive for the Dominion plan is to meet Federal requirements to safeguard our power supply and prevent interruption, they are legally required to make it better. I think Amazon is just an unfortunate bystander in this battle.
      I do appreciate the insight into the underground projects in Arlington and Alexandria, in fact the underground cabling is capable of sustaining far more future development than above ground towers in regards to the space used for the power carried. I agree we deserve a more capable infrastructure that doesn’t present additional hazards to the people that live here and ruin the visual appeal of our beautiful countryside.

      We need the Power, Not the Tower.

  4. If you want to send a letter / email to Amazon:

    Jeffrey Bezos, Chairman, President, and CEO Inc.
    1200 12th Ave. South, Suite 1200 • Seattle, WA 98144-2734
    ph: 206-266-1000; fax: 206-622-2405
    If you have an account with
    • Go to
    • Log in
    • Click on customer service
    • Send an EMAIL registering your concerns

  5. Charlie – I agree – in retrospect I have drafted a letter that requests Amazon to join us as a “good neighbor” and to request Dominion to participate in a manner that doesn’t damage property values. Pressure on Dominion from Amazon could go a long way to offsetting the New Road Alternative.

    1. Great idea Clifford, I will send you an email and then get that letter sent too. Hopefully they will recognize it as a great opportunity for them to begin with a positive start in our community.

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