1. Charlie R

    I believe this may partially explain some of it;
    NOVEC Press statement;

    Although that’s from 2013 I suspect the reliability demands of the NOVEC/Dominion network from increased growth still are prompting the need for more lines. Of course we all want the growth, hospitals, homes, industry and jobs but are we being shortchanged on the infrastructure development by the aging ‘above ground’ electrical transmission technology ? Is Dominion looking for a cheap fix for the NERC requirement that safeguards our utility supply ?
    NOVEC – Not for Profit
    Dominion – Well you just need to Google Dominion CEO for that answer 😉

  2. Charlie R

    The link didn’t post sorry, so that didn’t really explain anything 🙁
    In summary,
    I think the substation and facilities on the industrial development in Haymarket fall just outside of the NOVEC operational area (?), they are primarily residential electrical suppliers but they do supply some industrial customers.
    Basically all the coops (NOVEC) and utility companies buy and sell their (our) power from a stock exchange like system called the PJM Marketplace. NOVEC does have affiliates in other counties that generate power and sell it to the PJM from what I can gather. End of the day their primary role to us is to distribute and coordinate our electricity.
    Dominion (being a lot bigger than NOVEC) handles much of this regions infrastructure development and main lines for power, they also distribute and sell to the PJM Marketplace.
    The NERC (North America Electric Reliability Corporation) oversee as much of this system as they can and (also like NOVEC they are not for profit) they regulate the reliability of the electrical bulk transport to ensure we have reliable supply. ie: make sure electric companies put in alternative routes for power should one be compromised.
    The press release above was looking at the way NOVEC and Dominion were working together to ensure reliability for the region (Meet NERC standards) and hence the justification for additional power routes. Although ultimately Dominion is the owner of those routes and once established (as others have stated) they can be easily expanded as they need to (ie Sell more of their power, in and out of state).
    …..ok sorry not so much a summary 😉

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